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How to Discover What You Don’t Know About Getting a Mortgage

Let’s face it: The intricacies of finance and economics are just second nature for some people. You’ve met them before – they’re the ones who can calculate interest rates, debt ratios, and payment structures all in their head within seconds. In the meantime, you’re staring at them in awe and wondering how they get their Read more >>

The Source of Real “No-Fee” Loans? It’s Your Mortgage Broker.

Shopping around for a new home loan? First of all – congratulations! We’re happy to know our advice to consider a home purchase is catching on. Second, we’re aware that this could possibly be the very moment when you’re the most confused about all the advertising you’re noticing now from mortgage lenders. It seems everywhere Read more >>


Going back to that “which side of the political aisle you’re on” issue that we’ve talk about before, if you’re not actually working IN the financial services industry, there’s a good chance that you just skim the headlines that talk about the effects on consumers since the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) was created. So Read more >>


It’s one of those things that you seem to hear about when you’re not really looking for one. While you’re driving, you’ll hear a radio spot about “no fee mortgage loans,” or you’ll see an ad while flipping through a magazine advertising the same. Maybe you’ll run across an article in the newspaper that touts Read more >>

Las Vegas Bounces Back Big – Again

There are headlines – and then there are straight-up statistics. Most of us know that the source of the news articles we read anymore is generally serving self-serving on any given position. (And if ever there is a time when this is blatantly obvious, it’s during Presidential Election season!) But real data – facts driven Read more >>

Is Buying a Home Right For You? Some Things to Consider.

With all the upheaval of the American economy and the housing markets during the past few years, it’s only natural that those who lost a home during that time would think twice about buying another one. And actually, that’s not only a good thing when it comes to a major investment like a home – Read more >>

The Real Reasons To “Shop Local” For Your Mortgage Loan

Shopping Local. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for a while now, you’ve heard the term. What began as a way to support local farmers while at the same time bringing healthier, chemical-free foods to our tables has turned into a national movement. The multiple benefits discovered by applying that “Shop Local” concept to Read more >>