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All That Stands Between You and The Home You Want is 1%

Imagine if only one month’s rent could get you into a new home. Can you picture it? You and your family – living in a home of your own? No more landlords. No more apartments. No more worrying about rent increases. And finally being able to hang a picture, paint a room, or plant a Read more >>

‘Tis the Shopping Season! Is Your Mortgage Loan on Your List?

The holiday season is upon us full force. Actually, it’s been coming on for a while, hasn’t it? When you start seeing Christmas decorations in the stores before Halloween has passed, you know that retailers are competing in vying for your dollars by offering one great deal after another. Which is great! Because with all Read more >>

What a Year It’s Been for Homeownership

All the news and events going on in the country seem to have made a lot of us gaze back on all that’s happened in 2016 and think “Thank Goodness It’s Almost Over!” We can understand that. But it’s precisely because of that sentiment that we’d like to bring up some of the good news Read more >>

How to Find the Right Loan Officer for Your Mortgage

Let’s say you’re in the market for a new mortgage loan. You’ve just made an offer on a home – it’s been accepted – you’re thrilled – and all you need now to make your dreams come true is loan approval, and you’re home free. (Well, more like, “home mortgaged” – but you catch our Read more >>

Just Say “No” to Mortgage Loan Fees

“No.” It’s a simple word, right? But it’s amazing how often we have difficulty saying it. Especially at those times when it affects our finances. If we could just get a bit more practice in using “No” as a response to tough – or even friendly sales tactics – though, we’d probably be surprised at Read more >>

Choosing the Right Mortgage Lender Matters More Than You Know

If you’re good at your job, the odds are you’ve set pretty high standards for yourself. But if you’re an expert, you’re going to insist on working with others who share those same standards. At least, professional Loan Officer Dianna Herra knows that to be true. That’s precisely why she made the decision to join Read more >>

Are All “No Fee” Mortgage Loans the Same?

If you’re currently shopping around for a home, the odds are good that you’re also in the market for a mortgage loan. If so, you’ve probably started paying attention to all those advertisements and articles you see in magazines and newspapers lately. And you may be wondering what – exactly – is the difference between Read more >>

How to Discover What You Don’t Know About Getting a Mortgage

Let’s face it: The intricacies of finance and economics are just second nature for some people. You’ve met them before – they’re the ones who can calculate interest rates, debt ratios, and payment structures all in their head within seconds. In the meantime, you’re staring at them in awe and wondering how they get their Read more >>

The Source of Real “No-Fee” Loans? It’s Your Mortgage Broker.

Shopping around for a new home loan? First of all – congratulations! We’re happy to know our advice to consider a home purchase is catching on. Second, we’re aware that this could possibly be the very moment when you’re the most confused about all the advertising you’re noticing now from mortgage lenders. It seems everywhere Read more >>