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Buy vs. Rent: The Tide is Turning

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times. There has never been a better time to buy a home! According to Les Christie May of CNN Money there are two factors at work: First, rents, though mostly stagnant the past few years, are expected to head higher as more people bitten by Read more >>

Premier Mortgage Lending – Interest in ‘Another Chance’ program

Premier Mortgage Lending’s privately-funded Another Chance Home Loan Program has stirred the interest of prospective southern Nevada home buyers who wonder if they can take advantage of the present buyer’s market. “Now is definitely a great time to buy a home in southern Nevada with the influx of homes for sale at incredibly low prices. Read more >>

Premier Mortgage Lending Launches ‘Another Chance’ Program

In the wake of tightening mortgage requirements and a floundering realty market, longtime Las Vegan Rick Piette is connecting home buyers to mortgages through the privately-funded Premier Mortgage Lending and its new Another Chance Home Loan Program. “There is a gaping hole and need among southern Nevadans who want to purchase a home but are Read more >>

Time To Buy?

The bad news for the housing market sometimes seems like it will never end. Home prices continue to slide in many markets as well as home sales. But along with all the bad news are some compelling reasons for getting serious about buying right now! For example, home prices have come down so far in Read more >>

The Emergence of The Mortgage Broker

The Federal Government recently implemented new regulations on the mortgage industry in order to “regulate” us and to stop abuses. Much of what they did was applauded by myself and other mortgage professionals. One of the intended goals was to put uncompetitive pressures on “Mortgage Brokers”…as they were determined to be the worst of the bad guys from Read more >>

Is There Any Sunshine Behind These Clouds?

I personally hate where the Las Vegas real estate market has gone to in the last few years! Give me back the ‘ol days when we experienced a 2-5% annual appreciation rate and our homes were truly great long term piggy-banks! Larry Murphy from SalesTraq just posted a report with these sobering numbers: “Since 2007 Read more >>

Up, Down or Sideways?

The Las Vegas real estate market is presently going through a “head-scratching” period. We keep seeing the statistics that our housing prices continue to drop, but at the same time there are multiple offers on most properties. Economics 101 would teach us that supply and demand drives prices. But the reality is that there are Read more >>

Buy New or Resale?

There is nothing better then buying something brand new. That great smell of leather in your new car, that new bicycle where all the gears work all the time or that new home where no person has ever lived in it before. But the new economic realities has all of us re-looking at things and evaluating Read more >>

Down But Not Out…..Good News For Las Vegas

The Southern Nevada Index of Leading Economic Indicators turned in one of it’s largest gains in 30 years in March! Big gains in travel and tourism drove the positive index readings. And the largest gain of all was in taxable sales, growing 6% on a year over year basis. Having lived in Las Vegas for Read more >>

Cheaper To Buy Than Rent!!!

Las Vegas, NV and Miami, FL are in a dead tie as the two majors cities where it is now actually CHEAPER TO BUY A HOUSE THAN TO RENT ONE! According to, one of the country’s largest real estate websites, their Rent-vs-Buy Index shows that Nevada real estate prices have now become so affordable Read more >>